"When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure."

We hope your Everlasting Cross™ brings you the same peace and tranquility as ours has for us.

Our Story

The Loss of someone is something we are never truly ready for.  Whether a loved one, loving pet, relative, or a friend, it hurts all the same.  The memories and connections made from times shared can help us heal, and memorials are a way of reminding ourselves, and future generations, of their irreplaceable importance in our lives.

The first Everlasting Cross™ was built in 2008, after the passing of our German Shepherd, Apollo.  The choice of stainless steel inspired by the efforts of my father, Gary Markovich, the Veteran owner of our family business Safe T Bar Inc., who manufactured stainless steel grab-bars for those who are handicapped or in need since 1979.  The durability and permanence of the material becoming both a grave marker and urn to preserve his memory and presence in a timeless memorial

Love inspired the outdoor Everlasting Cross™ Memorial, and we wanted to share with others the ability to create and design a personal memorial for their own loved ones.  Using a familiar, and everlasting symbol of loss and healing.