Our Story

The Loss of a Loved One Inspires A Symbolism of a Loss, Healing, and Tranquility ...

The first Everlasting Cross™ was built in 2008, when the owners suddenly and unexpectedly lost their German Shepherd, Apollo. To memorialize him, love inspired the outdoor Everlasting Cross™ Memorial.

Our Story of the first Everlasting Cross memorial.  Classic stainless steel finish and symbolizes our boy Apollo, reflecting our love and beautiful memories.

A family and Veteran owned business Safe T Bar Inc., a manufacturer in stainless steel material since 1979.  Wanted to preserve his memory and presence in a memorial, which would be timeless, much like the love for him. 

This was why we chose to build the Everlasting Cross™ in durable stainless steel to reflect the constant impact of someone’s presence in our memories. To share with others the ability to create and design a personal memorial for their loved ones on a familiar, and everlasting symbol of loss and healing.

The Loss of someone is something we are never truly ready for.  Whether a loved one, loving pet, relative, or a friend, it hurts all the same.  The memories and connections made from times shared can help us heal, and memorials are a way of reminding ourselves, and future generations, of their irreplaceable importance in our lives. 

We hope your Everlasting Cross™ brings you the same peace and tranquility as ours has for us.

          "When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure."