EC Specifications

Your Loved Ones Everlasting Cross™ memorial will not need maintenance or deteriorate, such as wood, steel, or plastic products.  Once their Everlasting Cross™ memorial is in its resting place, it will remain beautiful and everlasting like your memories shared together..

  • Everlasting Cross™ Memorial’s material is 304 stainless steel (non-corrosive), 18 gauge 1 ½” tubing. It is Everlasting.



  • Sizes:  Small 13” x 32” or Large 21” x 41” If you would like a Custom Size, please Contact Everlasting Cross™ directly at or 651-214-2206.


  • End Cap:  Standard Open Cap, Black Plastic Cap, Stainless Steel Cap – this will match the finish of your Everlasting Cross™ memorial.


  • Urn or Capsule option:  2-EPDM 1 ½” weather / UV resistance plugs and are waterproof. This seals in loved one’s ashes or encloses special items. It can also create a Vase in the top of the Everlasting Cross™ memorial.


  • Engraving: Your Everlasting Cross™ Memorial, it then becomes Custom.  Font options available are Lucinda Calligraphy or Copperplate. There are six engraving options available. (Left & Right Horizontal), (Top Vertical), (Bottom Vertical), (Top & Bottom Vertical), (Left- Right-Top-Bottom).  The sixth option is additional engraving on the back side of your Everlasting Cross™.